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1-14-2016 #MacroSW: Financial Capability and Asset Bulding for All

This week’s Twitter chat is our first #MacroSW discussion on The Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative- a series of working papers brought forth by social work practitioners, scientists and scholars under the umbrella of the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare (AASWSW). This chat, hosted at 9:00pm EST by macro practitioner, Sunya Folayan- will address the Grand Challenge: Financial Capability and Asset Building for All. One aspect of this Grand Challenge asks social work educators, researchers, practitioners and students to be financially literate in order to promote social and economic justice in society; and to infuse financial literacy into practice, research and teaching. The Grand Challenges for Social Work are described as ambitious but achievable goals for society that mobilize our profession, capture the imagination of the public and require innovation and breakthroughs in science and practice to achieve. The AASWSW invites social work practitioners, scientists and scholars to participate broadly in discussion and problem solving dialogue. This Grand Challenge chat @#MacroSW will engage members of our profession in bringing our brightest ideas, creative collaborations, and intentional innovation to the fore.
Our weekly generated resource bank will add to the body of knowledge created in addressing social work’s grand challenges. Social Workers have been powerful societal change agents for over a century- moving the nation through periods of stress, and unrest that characterize periods of social change and industrialization. Today’s global 21st century landscape brings with it more complex and interrelated problems which will require higher levels of problem solving. Today’s social work professional must play a more central, collaborative and innovative role in our ever changing world. If there ever was a need for the social work profession-that time is now.
#MacroSW is a collaboration of social workers, organizations, social work schools, and individuals working to promote macro social work practice. Macro social work practice focuses on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. It encompasses a broad spectrum of actions and ideas, ranging from community organizing and education to legislative advocacy and policy analysis. The chats are held weekly on Twitter every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST).
Financial Empowerment for Social Workers: http://aaswsw.org/proposed-grand-challenge-submissions/financial-empowerment-for-social-workers/ retrieved January 10, 2016

Sherraden, M.S. Huang, J.,Callahan, C., Clancy, M.M., & Sherraden, M. (2015). Financial Capability and asset building for all (Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Working Paper No 13), Cleveland, OH: American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare.

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