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Blue Prints: A Textile Surface Design Journey in Blue

Blue Prints…a surface design class in glorious shades of blue!

The color blue historically has been associated with emotion, spirituality, alchemy, mystery and pathos. As I mature in work as a change agent, I take self-care very seriously, and my studio is often my refuge. This year I am studying up on the color blue and its significance in our lives and in particular the intersections of culture impacting my life and work. Having times of mindful meditation is necessary at this time in my life-especially with all the turmoil going on in today’s global, economic and political landscape. For nearly 20 years, I have been working through my own emotions about struggle, financial trauma and the ongoing multi faceted relationship I have with money.

Despite being “well-educated”, and growing up “Middle Class” in the Midwest,  I became a single mother subsequent to escaping domestic violence and divorce. I spent a long time working through the losses of people, places, identity and things- many years struggling to live at or just above poverty. It has taken lots of emotional and physical work to heal from the emotional and structural barriers that made it difficult for me to thrive financially. Last fall I ventured out onto another leg of learning about my relationship with money: I traveled part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade by going to Amsterdam, and London (where it began) and then traveling by ocean liner back to the port of New Amsterdam aka New York City. In my studies on blue, I’ve learned lots about indigo, and its importance to trade and global economy:  How human lives were exchanged for blue cloth in West Africa, how the color became associated with transcendence, pain,  fine artisanship, and hope. My work as a therapist often found myself interpreting affect as clients discussed the various shades of their emotional blues.   As a musician I help provide the background root rhythms for blues and jazz- both art forms created to make sense of often unbearable pain and suffering in this land called the USA.  My current work as a a social work entrepreneur addresses the need to create financial security, and gives shameless permission to make money while simultaneously healing the blues many of us have around money. This is especially true for  some women, American Black women, creatives and professional helpers  As a commissioned studio textile artist, working in blue has helped me to make spiritual connections throughout various aspects of life and culture-literally “tying” it all together!  

Below is a description of a class I’m teaching this summer and fall- all around the color blue:

Course description: Blue Prints- A Surface Design Class in Glorious Shades of Blue

For blues lovers, we’ll be hand stitching, tying, stamping/printing, using immersion and discharging techniques. This course will also provide an introduction to indigo dyeing on natural fiber. The significance of the color blue will be discussed as well as history concerning indigo as color and plant. Participants will use music and poetry as their muse, and we will discuss color theory in composition. Participants will create fabric with their personal memories abstracted onto cloth. Participants will leave the course with yards of custom fabric which can be used as-is, or further embellished for use in other projects. Classes are limited in size due to the intimate nature of the group.

Price: $140.00 Total; $50.00 deposit to hold your space.
Enroll using PayPal link below.

Class times: For 2-day workshop, Generally 10am-12pm is instruction/prep, 1pm-6pm, application and clean up; lunch options are sent upon receipt of deposit.

Final Payment is required no later than 7 days prior to the beginning of class.

This class will also be offered as a Beta class June 2,3, 2017; and June 9-11, 2017.

Location Clearwater Artist Studios 223 Crowell Dr. NW Concord, NC Studio 150: Cotton/Copper Cowrie Studio of Sunya Folayan

Deposit and Remainder of fees can be made here:

Materials list and class specifics will be sent upon receipt of deposit.

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