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Textured Conversations

I find a certain comfort in cloth. I think of the pride my mother took in ironing the brand spanking new Dan River cotton blend dresses that I wore in elementary school; the signature designer pieces she would magically create for me to wear throughout junior and senior high school…the handmade blanket my (Great) Aunt Ethel gave me when I started college.I think of the beauty of the Ashoke cloth with its magical metallic threads- my first investment cloth purchased from Nigeria; …and the handmade silk scarves and the indigo and walnut natural- dyed  meditation pieces I have made. The *images, textures and feelings have helped to ground and define me, so its no surprise that texture, color, and pattern have found their way into my work.

This space is for conversation- the ones I have with myself and those I engage in with others to discuss the complexities of our lives…as women, women of color, artists, practitioners/students of life and as observers of the human experience. Cloth for me is a metaphor for comfort, complexity, the weaving together of ideas, and the unraveling that life inevitably brings to all.

 I invite you to join me in this space for dialogue and musings; textured conversations about the nature of it all.photo 2

*Hand-dyed and hand painted silk; Detail of untitled work.  2014 Sunya Folayan


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